woensdag 7 september 2016

True Replicas: to Delft and back

In the city of Delft porcelain cups, bowls and dishes are excavated that in the 17th century where imported from China and produced in Jingdezhen. Objects that where highly valued and loved for their elegant shapes, blue and white decoration and above all for their magical material: porcelain. Objects that where used in daily lives to display, to drink and eat from.
With the Archaeologists of Delft Maaike Roozenburg has selected a series of these excavated porcelain artefacts. In cooperation with the Delft Technical University she has made 3D scans of these objects and converted them into 3D models and prints. Roozenburg brought them back to their city of origin and will combine them with the expertise in making and decorating porcelain still alive in Jingdezhen and let this serve as a basis for a new collection of porcelain. A new design collection on the intersection of history and design of east and west combining tangable and intangable heritage.

archeological objects: 17th century chinese porcelain excavated in Delft soil

3D print in nylon by Mareco Prototyping
archeological object: 17th century chinese porcelain excavated in Delft soil

Atec 3D scan

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