vrijdag 18 december 2015

Minor Advanced Prototyping: lets get started!

Welcome to the logbook of the research project Augmenting Prototypes: Smart Replicas. This project is a part of half year bachelor program “Advanced prototyping” in TU Delft.
Smart Replicas is the result of a collaboration between Archaeological department Amsterdam and design studio Maaike Roozenburg. The latter supervises 4 students preparing material for this blog: Kotryna Val (Architecture), Sander Pliakis (Industrial Design), Jorinde Smitser (Industrial Design), Irene(Industrial Design).
The focus of the project is the usage of CT scans to recreate and analyse repaired and/or unusable archaeological findings of everyday use.The aim of this is to replicate and improve given objects, while not losing the historical footprint. In other words, the blog will revolve on modern techniques of digital and physical reproduction.
The simplified planning will follow the scheme provided below. Each set of steps will be described in a weekly report, which will complimented with an occasional review of the field.


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